MaxLite Logo Maxlite backlighting technology is a revolutionary new technique of adding illumination to icons and large areas of membrane switch graphics without the high cost fiber optics. see more »
MAXCAP logo MaxCap Touch, Membrane Switch sensing technology, offers a fundamental departure from traditional electric field & touch sensing technology. see more »
Senstouch LOGO SensTouch is a revolutionary printed electronic switch technology offered by MaxTech Circuit. Re-creating  a capacitive switch at a fraction of the cost. see more »
MetalTouch Logo 2 MetalTouch Membrane Switch & Keypad products are designed for rugged environments. Perfect for applications that require a durable & clean product. see more »
Almax-RP is your quick turn & rapid prototyping Membrane Switch resource. Providing membrane switch circuits in a fast, affordable manner for short run. see more »
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