The touch screen devices market is on the cutting edge of innovation. At MaxTech Circuit, our teams are constantly developing newer and better solutions for custom touch screen devices. The touch screen as an input device, acts as the protective window and input surface across a variety of display types. Typically, you can see them being used in cell phones, hand-held computers, medical devices, automobile consoles, music players and such other devices.

We have the resources and capability to provide custom touch screen solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers. A touch screen offers several advantages like better and more responsive interaction with the menu on the screen. Additionally, a custom touch screen allows you to eliminate other peripherals like a stylus, since you can directly use your finger or hand.

Touch screens can also be integrated into the windows of Flex Membrane, PCB Rubber Keypad, Membrane Keypad, and Membrane Switch. Compared to conventional methods where the command input with a mouse or touchpad has several restrictions, the touch screen offers unmatched user-friendliness.

Our touch screens offer great clarity, responsiveness and scratch-resistance, making them suitable for the most demanding of applications. Additionally, we pass on these significant cost benefits to our customers by designing all our products in the USA, and manufacturing them off shore.

MaxTech Circuit is the preferred partner for integrated assembly solutions and we continue to build on this strength with innovative ideas. Our capabilities also include graphics overlay services that can be availed alongside custom touch screen orders.

Here are some of the features of the custom touch screen solutions offered by MaxTech Circuit:

  • Touch Screen Membrane Switch
  • Multiple Rows & Columns of Keys
  • Sometimes referred to as Matrix Touch Screen
  • ITO Coating Etched Away to Form Rows & Columns
  • All Digital Touch Screens are Custom
  • Decorative Graphic Layers Can Be Added
  • Resolution Depends on the Size and Number of Keys
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