MaxTech Circuit Acquires RP Circuits

RP Circuits recreated in Almax-RP delivers new opportunities to clients

Kirkland, Washington (December 26, 2011) – MaxTech Circuit, a leading provider of membrane switch and touch screen technology, today announced that it is acquiring RP Circuits a Tucson Arizona based manufacturing company specialized in providing quick turn rapid prototyping of membrane switches.

The purchase of RP Circuits further increases MaxTech Circuit’s product offering in the membrane switch and touch screen market. “The combination of RP Circuits domestic rapid prototyping with MaxTech Circuit’s engineering team and off-shore production facilities will provide our clients a wider variety of solutions and manufacturing alternatives,” said Alan Burk, president of MaxTech Circuit. “Having digital printers and laser cutters based domestically, will enable us to provide quick turn solutions for customers who require it, and then support those customers from our wholly owned manufacturing facilities in Asia when they go to production.” Burk continued.

RP Circuits, which will be renamed to Almax-RP, is now a wholly owned subsidiary of MaxTech Circuit. MaxTech Circuit will leverage Almax-RP’s ability to provide prototyping and production of cutting edge, all-digital membrane switches for its customers with a short turnaround time. MaxTech Circuit is in the process of integrating RP Circuits’ methods to produce a stronger foundation for membrane switch design and production. “The integration of both companies will take place over the next few months. Our clients will continue to receive the same high quality design and production techniques, which they have come to expect from RP Circuits,” stated Bob Deppiesse, CEO at MaxTech Circuit.

Each company also brings to the table proprietary technology. “RP has some patent pending technologies surrounding creating LED tapes and Maxtech has our MaxFilm Backlighting and our SensTouch technologies, our goal will be to expand our marketing of these unique technologies from each location.” Deppiesse continued.

Maxtech circuit manufactures, membrane switches, rubber keypads, flexible circuits, resistive and capacitive touchscreens, Senstouch, Maxfilm backlighting, HSS,  Pushgate and Thincoder technologies. For information on these technologies contact Tim Kuhn, Vice President, Business Development at or use our contact form.

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