MaxTech Circuit Announes MaxFilm Backlighting for Membrane Switches

MaxTech Circuit is pleased to introduce MaxFilm Backlighting . MaxFilm Backlighting is a revolutionary new way of adding illumination to you Membrane Switch projects. In the past this type of process may have only been used in high volume or costly application, however it can now be used inside membrane switches of almost any volume.

The backlighting advantage with MaxFilm is readily apparent, it only takes a few LEDs to light up a large area. Until now this could only be done with expensive Electroluminescent or Fiber Optics.

In this sample note that one LED can light up a large icon. This is done without bright spots and the EL and Fiber do not require an exterior light source or additional layers.

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MaxLight Membrane Switch Backlighting

MaxLight Membrane Switch Backlighting

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