Flexible circuits are a vast accumulation of conductors bonded to a thin dielectric, or insulating film. Silver or copper may be used for conductivity.

MaxTech Circuit offers you multiple options in both silver and copper flex circuits.

We are the first choice for long-lasting yet competitively priced flexible circuits.  Our circuit boards are found in several products including flip-form cell phones, cameras and other small form factor and/or flexible devices.

Our flex circuit design team is located in the US and our production unit operates at our offshore facility. This give you high-touch design support and competitive product pricing.

We encourage you to send us your designs and discuss your ideas about flexible circuits with our design engineers.



Flex Circuits Membrane SwitchFlex Circuits Membrane Switch
Here are the options we offer in Silver Flexible Circuits:

• Single Sided
• Double Sided (Thru-Hole)
• Heat Stabilized Polyester
• Embedded SMD (LEDs)
• Carbon Overcoat
• Printed Resistors

MaxTech Circuit also offers you multiple Copper Flex Circuit options, such as:

• Single and Double Sided
• Polyimide or Polyester
• Tin, Nickel, Gold Plating

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