A graphic overlay communicates your product’s quality and unique value. It is the most visual component of any product design and it will send a message about your company every time your customers use it.At MaxTech Circuit we employ the latest printing, illumination and tactile technologies so you can design the unique, cost effective, high-quality graphic overlays your products deserve.

Design flexibility increases if the graphic overlay is designed and manufactured as a fully integrated user interface.

Graphic overlays can be combined with switch and touchscreen technologies. With integration, graphic overlays can be backlit, embossed or texturized to increase the usability and unique aesthetics of your interface device.

Graphic overlay quality has to be your top priority, and MaxTech Circuit ensures this by owning and certifying their manufacturing facilities so you know exactly who is building your graphic overlay. Artwork approval is required prior to printing, and post-print lots are 100% visually inspected to ensure your brand shines on every single graphic overlay.

  Graphic OverlaysGraphic Overlays
Whether you have an entire production run or a single batch, our graphic overlay solutions can be manufactured to meet your requirements.We offer the following types of overlays:

• Polyester
• Polycarbonate
• Embossed
• Transparent Windows
• Selective Adhesive
• Hardcoats
• 4 Color Printing

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