Membrane Switches typically consist of a polyester graphic overlay and spacers on a flexible silver printed circuit. The simplicity of Membrane Switch construction makes it easy to design and one of the lowest cost switch options available. The Graphic Overlay provides a natural fluid barrier and its long life cycle capabilities make it the right product for many applications.

Design options for Membrane Keypads:

Non-Tactile or Tactile Membrane Keypad

  • Poly dome Tactile Membrane Switch
  • Metal dome Tactile Membrane Switch
  • PushGate Tactile Membrane Switch

Overlay Options

  • Embossed or Non embossed Graphic Overlay
  • Glossy or Textured Graphic Overlay
  • UV Protection or Micro ban Graphic Overlay

Lighting Options

Circuit Options

  • Printed Silver on Polyester or Copper Polyimide

Sealing options

Shielding – ESD / EMI (Silver, Carbon, ITO)

Flex Tail termination

  • ZIF, Connectors or Solder Pin

Click the following link to see common Specifications for Membrane Keypads.
Common Examples of Membrane Switch Constructions.

Silver Flex Membrane Switch
Copper Collage Membrane Switch

Membrane Switch
Maxtech Circuit provides North American engineering support combined with off-shore manufacturing. We will work with you on all stages of your membrane keypad design and production. From a simple Membrane Keypad to a full box-build, Maxtech’s engineering and manufacturing teams can provide you the support you require.
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