• MaxTech Circuit’s ownership has been an active participant in ASTM Membrane Switch Testing Standards and Development since 1991.

Contact us for required values outside these limits.

Operating Voltage

Current Carrying Capacity F1681

Circuit Resistance F1680

Contact Closure Cycles F1578

Temperature / Humidity F1596

Contact Bounce Time F1661

Actuation Force (Fmax) F2592

Contact Force (Fc) F2592

Contact Displacement (Tc) F2592

Tactile Response Slope F2592

Insulation Resistance F1689

Dielectric Withstand F1662

Capacitance F1663

ESD Contact F1812

5VDC – 24VDC

1ma – 150ma

5 Ohms – 1K Ohms

100K – 1M Cycles

-40 to 85C / 95% RH

<= 10ms

2oz – 16oz

2oz – 8oz

.002in – .010in

0 to 600 oz/in

> 10M Ohms @ 100VDC 60s

250VDC – 1000 VDC 60s

<= 50 pf

2KV – 25KV

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